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There are several types of veins that may be unwanted, unsightly, and too visible. As we age, these veins can become even more noticeable. Telangiectasias (facial spider veins) and rosacea (red facial lesions) are conditions that can cause your face to have a very red, almost sunburned appearance. When facial capillaries are treated, redness is reduced, resulting in a bright and clear complexion. As for spider and varicose leg veins, the primary causes are pregnancy, heredity, and standing for long periods of time. At Long Beach area’s Patient Preferred Dermatology, vein treatments will eliminate these unnecessary veins.

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When laser treatment is performed, the pulse-dye laser emits light specifically targeting capillaries, thereby destroying the veins. When treating veins by laser, the light passes through the skin and is absorbed by the darker blood vessel, destroying the vein without damaging the surrounding skin. The body reabsorbs the treated blood vessels during the natural healing process. A light spray of coolant will be felt on the skin prior to each laser pulse, making the treatment more comfortable.

Leg vein treatment options range from simple injections to laser and surgical procedures, tailored to the type of leg vein being treated. Patient Preferred Dermatology offers two, non-surgical treatment options for leg veins. While laser is best known, sclerotherapy is in fact the most common and effective treatment for leg veins. Developed more than 75 years ago, sclerotherapy involves injecting a special agent into the vein, causing it to shrink and disappear. This treatment is safe, effective, and still the gold standard of treatment today. The number of veins treated in a given session depends on the size of the involved area and the vein size. For the best results, since it is difficult to get all the veins in one treatment, you may need multiple vein treatments over several months.

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